Appytect offers your guests with all the essential features they use when they travel and provide them with all the essential information right on their finger tips. In addition, hotel application will attract clients to all the amenities and services offered by your hotel. Robust customization options will highlight hotel's brand, provide convenience and build long term loyalty among your guests.

Hotel Information

Showcase all the information related to your hotel which your guests can access directly from the app with the use of texts and images.

  • Contact Information - Phone Numbers, Emails
  • GPS Enabled way back to hotel
  • Social Media Pages
  • Booking Information
Hotel Information

Hotel Amenities

Hotel Amenities

Highlight the most prominent amenities which are famous among your guests which are available at the hotel. Highlight various amenities with high resolution pictures and display timings of services offered.

  • Amenities Offered
  • Restaurants & Bars
  • Recreational Centre
  • Spa & Wellness
  • Swimming Pools

Way to Hotel

Quickest way to guide your guests back to the hotel from anywhere with GPS enabled feature that works with a single touch.

  • GPS enabled
  • Latitude & longitude information
  • Automatic mapping
Way to Hotel



Highlight the best promotions your hotel has to offer for various services leading to higher revenues.

  • Special promotions for mobile bookings
  • Special Weekend Offers
  • Discounts on Hotel Facilities
  • Special Prized Tickets to local events

Travel Guide

Be your guests personal travel guide offering them the highlights they would like to see during their stay.

  • Attractions and Traditional Sights
  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Shopping Malls
  • Local Events and Festivals
  • Travel Tips
Travel Guide

Online Booking Engine

*Online Booking Engine

Provides your guests with complete branded experience where they can book directly with the hotel right from their smart phones.

  • Real-time booking - anywhere, anytime
  • Interfaced with PMS
  • Complete with Brands look and feel
  • Flawless booking experience

* Cost for Online Booking Engine will be additional.


The built-in feedback system in Appytect will provide your guests with the perfect tool to provide their feedback while still on premises.

  • Real-time location based feedback
  • Pre-filled survey forms
  • Automatic alerts
  • Mobile optimized forms

* Cost for feedback system will be additional.




Showcase high resolution pictures of your hotel's rooms and amenities with detailed description, and organize them by categories.

  • High resolution pictures
  • Categorize amenities and rooms
  • Descriptions
  • Optimized photos

Points of Interest

Guests can easily get guidance searching for the nearest points of interests such as nearby ATM machines, pharmacy, train and bus stations, etc.

  • Local Landmarks
  • Banks/ATM's
  • Train & Bus Stations
  • Gas Stations
  • Medical Care
Points of Interest

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